Thank you for your interest in HydroPeptide®‘s anti-aging skin care collection. HydroPeptide®’s scientifically proven, and award winning, skin care products aid in simplifying your beauty routine while our medical-grade peptides go to work immediately—so you see results.
Peptides are tiny protein fragments (or small chains of amino acids) that increase cellular communication within the skin. Various types of peptides exist with a multitude of functions. Peptides help promote natural elements of healthy skin including collagen production (which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides helps relax repetitive facial muscle contractions (which softens wrinkles). HydroPeptide® uses 62 performance-based, medical-grade peptides within their products.
Peptides go to work immediately within the skin, but their results are not seen until after the collagen has a chance to plump and thicken the under layers of skin. This process may take 28 days (for younger skin) and up to 56 days (for older skin). While you’ll see immediate changes in texture and tone, give HydroPeptide® a good evaluation with three months of continued regular use.

In the natural aging process, oxidative stress occurs at a rate at which the body or skin is no longer able to fully neutralize free radicals. Free radicals accelerate the cellular damage known to cause premature aging. Antioxidants have the ability to pair with an unstable electron and reduce cell death. There are actually six categories of free radicals that attack the skin every day. One powerful antioxidant alone cannot stand up to all of them. HydroPeptide® contains a variety of natural and organic antioxidants that provide a broad range of protection to fight all six categories of free radicals.

You should always consult your dermatologist before starting any new skin care regimen. All HydroPeptide® products are dermatologist tested and have undergone extensive research, including a repeat insult patch test (RIPT) which ensures the products are non-irritating. Consumers have not reported any adverse effects from HydroPeptide®, however you should immediately discontinue use if any irritation or redness occurs.
Yes. In fact, many of our customers have reported that HydroPeptide® actually increased the life of their cosmetic procedures, and that their skin felt and looked healthier than before. It is recommended as a pre- and postoperative skin care regimen.
The HydroPeptide® collection has been designed to address more than just anti-aging aspects, so chances are we have a product to address your every skin concern. If you choose to incorporate other products, we suggest testing any combination of skin care products on the inside of your forearm before applying it to your face to check for irritation. The basic rule of thumb is to apply all your serums first (to clean skin) and then your creams. For prescription skin-care products, consult your physician.
Yes. HydroPeptide® has been designed for all skin types, ages, and conditions.
Yes, HydroPeptide® offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all consumer and professional products purchased through our web site. We do not guarantee product purchased at a retail store or through another web site.
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